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Multiflora Rose - Invasive Pen Pal Cards

Multiflora Rose - Invasive Pen Pal Cards

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Rosa Multiflora is known by many names besides Multiflora rose, including baby rose, Japanese rose, seven sisters rose and rambler rose.  Native to east Asia, it can be found in North America where it is regarded as invasive, and was originally widely planted to provide erosion control, make “living barriers” for livestock, and as an ornamental garden plant.  The plant grows in dense prickly thickets, but produces a beautiful clusters of delicate white or pink flowers.  It grows rapidly, and is considered a noxious weed in some parts of America, but also provides food and ground cover for many species of wildlife.

These cards are part of a series of invasive plant illustrations, and are printed digitally on Strathmore Paper Cards, and come with envelopes for pen palling.  Dimensions of each card are 5 x 7 inches. Available as single cards or in sets of 3.


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