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Monarch and Milkweed - 12x12 Print

Monarch and Milkweed - 12x12 Print

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Inspired by the flutter that stops us in our tracks when we see it, this is an illustration of

Monarch butterflies and Swamp Milkweed plant.

Milkweed plants act as the sole host for Monarch eggs, including swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata). When the eggs hatch, the monarch caterpillars feed on the milkweed's leaves, which provide the main food source for the little caterpillars. Swamp milkweed contains toxins called cardenolides, which are poisonous to most herbivores. Monarch caterpillars have the ability to sequester these toxins from the milkweed into their own bodies, which makes them toxic to any potential predators. This toxicity acts as the perfect defense mechanism, deterring birds and other animals from eating these already vulnerable creatures.  This toxicity is retained throughout metamorphosis as they transform into butterflies. The milkweed provides a safe haven and in return, the monarchs pollinate the milkweed flowers, aiding in the plant's reproduction and survival as well.  

This is an archival quality Giclée print on acid free BK Rives paper. The dimensions of the paper are about 12x12 inches with a deckled edge.


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