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Mimosa - Invasive Pen Pal Cards

Mimosa - Invasive Pen Pal Cards

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Mimosa Tree, or Albizia Julbrissin, is a fast growing tree that was brought to North America by a French botanist in the 1700s, but it is native to the Middle East and Asia.  The beautiful silky blooms of the Mimosa Tree appear like soft fans, and its no wonder it was originally planted as an ornamental tree and as a way to attract pollinators.  Escaping cultivation, the Mimosa grows rapidly, and spreads seeds widely.  The flowers and the bark of the tree are used medicinally, and the bark is traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to support a healthy stress response.


These cards are part of a series of invasive plant illustrations, and are printed digitally on Strathmore Paper Cards, and come with envelopes for pen palling.  Dimensions of each card are 5 x 7 inches. Available as single cards or in sets of 3.


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