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Japanese Honeysuckle - Invasive Pen Pal Cards

Japanese Honeysuckle - Invasive Pen Pal Cards

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Japanese Honeysuckle, or Lonicera Japonica, is a flowering vine that was originally introduced to North America from Eastern Asia in the early 1800s.  It was first used as an ornamental plant and then additionally as a means of erosion control, and in wildlife habitats.  The flowers of the Japanese Honeysuckle are fragrant and delicate blooms that turn a whitish yellow as they age.  The vine spreads by twining around objects in its path, and thrives in low lying thickety areas with brush and shrubs.

These cards are part of a series of invasive plant illustrations, and are printed digitally on Strathmore Paper Cards, and come with envelopes for pen palling.  Dimensions of each card are 5 x 7 inches. Available as single cards or in sets of 3.


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