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Feather Crown Bandana

Feather Crown Bandana

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A bandana printed with an illustration of a feather crown..

According to some accounts of American folklore, finding a feather crown formed in the pillow of the deceased on their deathbed meant that they had passed over to the other side and been absolved of all their earthly sins.  This research on my part, was spurred by reoccurring dreams of vivid visitations from loved ones that have since left this earth.  I find a lot of comfort in these dream visits, and take them as signs that those lost to us on this earthly plane are still with me wherever I go.

Printed on a soft organic cotton.  Naturally resist dyed with pomegranate and iron. Measures 24x24. Each bandana is dyed and printed with water based ink individually, so variations in color and print placement will occur

All hand dyed pieces are best hand washed in cold water with a mild soap, and dried out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.  Naturally dyed garments will fade/shift in color over time depending on conditions, but the good part is they can always be dyed again!


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