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Marigold Wrap Top

Marigold Wrap Top

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The marigold occupies a unique place in the realm of flora in that it holds space for both grief and joy, acting as a healer and protector. In the rich tapestry of its history, marigolds have served a multitude of juxtapositional roles, acting as a barrier against malevolence and the supernatural for some, while serving as a guiding light for visiting spirits while the veil is thinnest for others. Beyond their metaphorical significance, marigold plants themselves exhibit qualities of hardiness and persistence, with even tiny seedlings defiantly blooming as the chill of winter approaches and the days grow shorter. The marigold flower is a shining light throughout history and people across the world continue to be drawn to them today.

The marigold's story is an invitation to remember and reflect on the tangled web of human history, and the ways these humble flowers link together cultures, beliefs, and traditions around the globe. I found myself growing more marigolds than ever this year, and they have become a poignant marker of the passage of time for me in my practice. Their fading blooms signal the onset of winter, and in their eventual loss, I find myself pondering the collective grief that envelopes our world now.  In a marigold, we find a silent companion that stands in steadfast witness to our complexities, a friend for both joy and sorrow.

This is a simple wrap top, made out of hemp jersey, and botanically dyed a soft mottled gold with foraged black walnuts, tannin and my own home grown marigold flowers.  The wrap is stretchy and quite adjustable, and sizing is a bit more flexible with these as a result.  Printed one at a time with mirroring illustrations of marigold flowers using water based ink.

These are are ready to ship! 

This limited batch of tops have already been made, and are ready to ship!  See the sizing tab for info on measurements for each size, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about specific measurements regarding these tops!  

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